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Each of us has our own intertwined journey through careers, family and life in general. I'm passionate about embracing life's journey, learning lessons along the way and reflecting on that journey.  You can't compare your beginning to someone else's middle or end - learn to embrace the uniqueness of your own professional journey!

My journey has taken me from starting my accidental career in hospitality operations while I was in college for Art. To then stumbling on to the field of human resources, changing majors, and realizing I could help people and organizations thrive by recognizing their talent and strengthening leadership. My career has led me to start-ups, fast-paced, mid-sized private organizations and large public companies, primarily in the Chicago market, all while commuting to a lake lifestyle near Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. For me, like many, my career has been a big part of my journey, but only part. The rest of my journey includes my husband, small farmette, dog and as much time as possible on Geneva Lake in the summer and at our vacation home in Belize during the winter. I also enjoy writing for my lifestyle blog, Everyday Cayes, sharing "cayes" to life's journey because it is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end.

Starting my career in hospitality, I learned the important skill of guest service, the idea of "surprise and delight" to ensure the guest experience is memorable. As I  became a new manager I quickly learned that happy employees really do translate to happy guests and the bottom line, a healthy culture determines your success. The idea of creating the employee experience so that it is just as memorable as the customer experience is not a new concept. It does however require the same level of thought and dedication to execute as the customer experience. I truly believe that if you treat your employees how you treat customers, demonstrating the "golden-rule", this will translate to organizational success that achieves and exceeds goals.


The employer/employee relationship is a balancing act that everyone has an ownership stake in, that is why I coach both sides of the equation. I use my 17+ years of human resources experience and my 21+ years of combined leadership experience to coach and guide you to advance your skills around leadership, career development and talent management. I also work with organizations to put a practical human resources framework in place that furthers organizational goals and aligns with culture.

Learn More About My Philosophy

Over the years, I have worked with truly great attorneys, consultants and coaches. The one item many were missing was a depth of real-world experience from which to incorporate a practical perspective, what I call "been-there, done-that" knowledge. Helping leaders deeply think through a myriad of issues requires more than just consulting experience, it requires some "been-there, done-that" knowledge. Drawing on this knowledge is critical to providing practical and actionable solutions that achieve measurable and visible results.


Leadership requires competency, capacity and accountability but beyond that, it requires authenticity and reflection. Self-reflection is a critical component of growth throughout not only career development but through life. Reflecting and becoming self-aware takes persistence and is a mindful practice that never ends. It requires that leaders be in a constant state of self-inquiry, reflecting on both thinking and behaviors, which will lead to the truth. Developing this skill and learning to act upon it as leaders continue throughout their career journey is critical to growing as a leader. Leaders who act with genuine authenticity within their reality and successfully use self-reflection will not only be great but will call their teams to greatness as well.

Change is constant. In today's workplace, there is one thing that is constant and that is change. Leaders and teams equip to embrace and work through change will rise above those that resist. Leading your team through change is a critical skill in today's workplace. Leaders must have the ability to see around corners, listen to team member feedback and thoughtfully guide the dynamics of a changing environment. The next distruptor could come at any time and leaders need to be prepared.

I am rooted in reality and sometimes reality-based feedback is blunt and well, real! Many workplaces today have dysfunctional teams or leaders hiding behind, gossip, blame, do as I say - not as I do, and even bullying behavior. The reality is, teams or leaders with these issues cannot be successful and leaders will never get to the results, accountability and innovation they seek until this reality changes. This type of drama in the workplace only adds stress and unproductive time that could be spent on organizational goals. Leading from the top and by example is not just a saying, it is reality and leaders must step up and be accountable for leading a drama-free, reality-based culture, often making tough decisions that will ultimately drive the results they seek.

Entitlement and ego have no place in the workplace. Entitlement gets in the way of actual results and ego gets in the way of honest self-reflection. Period. Instead be grounded in an attitude of gratitude.


Final Thoughts

Leadership is ongoing hard work, if it were easy everyone would do it and do it well. Being an accountable, authentic leader and mentor is one of the greatest gifts you can give your team as they grow in their own careers, seeing those you lead rise up is the reward. As a leader, ditch the idea of perfectionism in the workplace and learn to lean into vulnerability to get a culture of creativity and innovation.


Work Happens - But So Does Life! Embrace your career journey as part of life's overall journey, find your own personal and professional alignment. There is no such thing as a 50/50 perfect work-life balance, instead, set your goals and find a blended, "work-life integration" approach that works for you.

Let Me Help You Enjoy the Journey!

- Alisha

Education & Certifications
  • George Williams College (Aurora University)

B. S. Business Leadership, Minor in Communication

  • Northern Illinois University - HRCI

Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification

  • The Predictive Index

Certified Predictive Index (PI) Analyst

(Behavioral Assessment)

  • Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessment Certified

(Personality Assessment)

  • Association for Talent Development

Coaching Certification

(International Coach Federation Approved)

Affiliations & Organizations
  • Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

  • Chicago SHRM - Local Chapter

  • SHRM Advocacy Team - WI 1st Congressional District

  • World at Work

  • Association for Talent Development

  • Geneva Lake West Chamber of Commerce                          


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