We are dedicated to helping organizations thrive by focusing on talent and strengthening leadership.


We partner with entrepreneurs and executives to generate solutions that bring visible and measurable results. Our HR strategies drive change, strengthen culture, focus on the employee experience, and deliver results.

From fundamental policy development such as procedures and handbooks through development of strategic plans that align with business objectives & goals, we can assist to ensure you have what you need. Interim management services may also be available to ensure you don't miss a beat! *

Policy & Strategy Development

As organizations grow and evolve processes and technology need to keep pace. We will identify process improvements and assist with technology selection to ensure your HR group functions as an effective and efficient partner to your business.

Process Improvement & Technology

Total Rewards includes compensation, benefits, work-life effectiveness, recognition, and performance management. Defining your total rewards strategy is an important component in attracting, retaining and engaging talent. Along with Talent Management, your strategy should align with business objectives and culture to achieve your desired outcomes and meet the needs of your team. Compensation has also become more complex, defining your philosophy, base & bonus structure and aligning with market data all while ensuring pay equity is a key component in your total rewards strategy.

Total Rewards

Managing talent is more than just hiring and retaining the best and brightest, it is also strategic, looking at growth models, business volume/cycles and market conditions. Once you have your talent in the door, how you grow & develop and plan for succession are all keys to effectively managing your talent.  We will help you manage your biggest asset by reviewing your employer brand and talent strategy, helping you plan for whatever lies ahead.

Talent Management

If you are currently in a leadership role or transitioning into one, we will help you navigate the complexity of leading a team. Moving from an individual contributor into a leadership role is often a challenge that 1st time leaders are not fully prepared for. We draw upon our real-world experience, to offer practical guidance on developing your skills as a leader, thinking deeply through a range of complex issues, reflecting on your own opportunities & strengths, preparing you to develop and lead others. Build  your confidence and ability as a leader, and trust within your team to drive measurable business results.

Leadership Coaching

Learn to take ownership of your career, yes you! Whether you are exploring new opportunities, looking for guidance to grow in your current role or looking to sharpen interpersonal skills, we can assist. We offer career coaching to help with your professional brand, guide you through transitions or navigate new opportunities. Don't sit around waiting for someone else to take responsibility for your career, be your own advocate and own your career success. In-person and/or digital sessions available.

Career Coaching

If you are a recent college grad or are soon to graduate, we can help you prepare for your first opportunity. We offer resume assistance, career coaching to help with your professional brand, navigation of career opportunities, interview preparation and professional self-awareness coaching . Let us make the process of preparing for your first career opportunity a little less daunting. In-person and/or digital sessions available.

College Coaching

Team Coaching brings together a team, which can be any working group tasked with a common goal, for the purpose of building stronger relationships and trust within a team to drive business outcomes. This is done through an assessment process focused on behaviors to foster self-reflection followed by team facilitation activities to drive stronger team awareness, communication, empathy and trust. The ROI on this type of coaching is harnessing the power of the collective group to achieve business, team and individual goals and growth. Team Coaching is customized for the organization and typically is 4-5 sessions in length over a 6-12 month period.

Team Coaching

If you have specific needs for individual or team coaching and training engagements, we can work with you to create a program tailored to accomplish your goals. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss.

Customized Coaching & Training

*Policies may require legal review, while we are not employment attorneys, we partner within our network of employment attorneys.

  We also have the resources to have your policies translated into multiple languages.


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